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Free 1990s trivia questions and answers - Miscellaneous trivia.

Fun 90s trivia -  printable trivia quizzes - questions and answers - Miscellaneous.

What novelist dreamed up the TV series ER?
A: Michael Crichton.

What Baywatch beauty's exotic appeal has been attributed to her Afro-American, Cherokee and Italian heritage?
A: Traci Bingham's.

Whose presidential library occupies 90 acres on the West Campus of Texas A&M?
A: George Bush's.

What auto giant purchased Land Rover, the last major auto manufacturer still run by Britons?

What wheelchair-bound Mattel doll couldn't fit through the door of the Barbie Dream House?
A: Becky.

What U.S. site suffered $510 million in damages from a bomb that cost $300 to make?
A: The World Trade Center.

What outfit, after investing 20 years and $20 million, stopped using psychics to gather info?
A: The Central Intelligence Agency.

What Saturday Night Live New Age "therapist" joked: "When you assume, you make an ass out of Uma Thurman"?
A: Stuart Smalley.

Who was the first participant in the O.J. Simpson trial to be featured on the cover of Playgirl?
A: Kato Kaelin.

What wrestler died after falling 78 feet  into the ring when the rigging on his harness malfunctioned?
A: Owen Hart, or the Blue Blazer.

What Aussie cover girl put on 20 pounds to play a 19th-century artist's model in Sirens?
A: Elle MacPherson.

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What Arizona landmark was misidentified as being in Colorado, on a hastily recalled U.S. stamp?
A: The Grand Canyon.

What U.S. state voted to approve Proposition 187, denying health and social services to illegal immigrants, until the federal courts stepped in?
A: California.

What Partridge Family star settled an old grudge by pummeling Donny Osmond in a charity boxing bout?
A: Danny Bonaduce.

What NBA star topped Mr. Blackwell's 1995 list of Worst-Dressed Women?
A: Dennis Rodman.

What U.S. senator resigned shortly after the Ethics Committee recommended he be expelled for sexual misconduct?
A: Bob Packwood.

What TV series featured a werewolf who plunked bass in band called Dingoes Ate By BAby?
A: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

What book about four days in Iowa took Robert J. Waller two weeks to write, and topped bestseller lists for seven months?
A: The Bridges of Madison County.

What A-word has been replaced, according to The Official Politically Correct Dictionary and Handbook, by " cerebro-atmospheric individual"?
A: Airhead.

What U.S. senator defended his claim that smoking wasn't addictive by noting: " We now it's not good for kids...some would say milk's not good"?
A: Bob Dole.

What U.S. city got 15 people off its welfare rolls by training them to be telephone psychics?
A: New York City.

What full length animated biblical saga led Dreamworks to consult with 600 religious experts?
A: The Prince of Egypt.

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