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Free computer trivia questions and answers for trivia games

Fun computer trivia questions and answers.

Computer trivia questions from the 1990's are the subject of this page. Use them for your trivia games.

What must-read magazine for computer fans bit the dust in 1999?
A: Byte.

What nationwide movie guide and ticket business became part of the AOL family in 1999?


What Amazon founder was the first-dot-com exec to be named Time's Person of the Year?
 A: Jeff Bezos.

What Apple portable debuted in a choice of two fruity color schemes, Blueberry or Tangerine?
A: The iBook.

What Outlook macro virus, with a dainty female name, was the first to infect a million computers?
A: Melissa.

What rural state provided WiFi for all residents, earning it a Yahoo "Most Wired City in America" award?
A: Nevada.

What Windows virus damaged 500,000 hard drives on the 13th anniversary of Russia's deadliest nuclear disaster?
A: Chernobyl.

What movie did Apple use to hype its new QuickTime4 format, sparking a net-clogging 25 million downloads of the trailer?
A: Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

What nasty 1999 computer worm, named after a lap dancer, first appeared inside a list of passwords to pornographic websites?
A: Melissa.

What communications giant owned Palm Computing when it produced the first handheld with integrated wireless Internet connectivity?
A: 3com.

What online service got slapped with a lawsuit by volunteer "Community Leaders" who said they were really employees and deserved back wages?
A: America Online.

90s computer trivia

More 90s computer trivia questions and answers.

What game system, the first to come equipped with a modern, clogged up phone lines in Europe as many purchasers got online for the first time?
A: Dreamcast.

What computer outfit's ad 1984, run only once during Super Bowl XVIII, did TV Guide declare to be the best commercial of all time, in 1999?
A: Apple's.

What Apple media file format became the basis for MPGE-4 files?
A: QuickTime.

What did critics dub the glitchy  USB "plug and play" feature of Windows 98?
A: "Plug and pray".

What file-sharing software was named for creator Shawn Fanning's frizzy hair?
A: Napster.

What high-tech upgrade did the New York Times dub "$90 Worth of Duct Tape" in 1998?
A: Windows 98.

What  was the first fast-food restaurant to offer patrons 20 free minutes of Internet time?
A: Burger King.

What Pixar release was the first feature film to be entirely computer-animated?
A: Toy Story.

What high-tech mogul appeared on a 1995 cover of Time headlined "Master of the Universe"?
A: Bill Gates.

What website did the founder of the Echo Bay Technology Group register, when he found that was already taken?

What U.S. state capital's space-age new airport was plagued by software problems that kept dumping baggage all over the basement?
A: Denver's.

What company, while still called AuctionWeb, registered its first sale when bidding for a busted laser pointer topped out at $14?

What search engine did Digital Equipment Corporation develop to manage its old e-mail?
A: Alta Vista.

What does the "W" stand for on a WAP phone?
A: Wireless.

What type of computer programs did the Dark Avenger Mutation Engine promise to make more powerful?
A: Viruses.

What computer accessory did Apple try splitting in two in 1993, in an attempt to reduce injuries?
A: The Keyboard.