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Fun free internet trivia questions and answers.

Fun internet and web trivia questions and answers.

What search engine was born when six Stanford students sat around Rosita's Taqueria looking for an exciting way to stay together after graduation?

Who planned the first "visible, interactive suicide" on the World Wide Web?
A: Timothy Leary.

What online service got lapped with a lawsuit by volunteer "Community Leaders" who said they were really employees and deserved back wages?
A: America Online.

What company made the browser used by 90% of web surfers until the release of Internet Explorer 4?
A: Netscape.

Who did a cinnamon bun bear an uncanny resemblance to, prompting its display on a popular "nun-bun" web site?
A: Mother Teresa.

What three-word phrase attracted millions of gawkers to Mahir Cagri's broken-English  web appeal for feminine companionship?
A: "I kiss you".

What outfit launched its web empire in 1995 with the online sale of a Douglas Hofstadter book on artificial intelligence?

What online retailer got a flood of sales once it changed its name from

What search engine did U.C. Berkeley professor Eric Brewer name after the "trickster spider" of the Lakota Indians?
A: Inktomi.

What Internet giant orchestrated buyouts of music brands Spinner, SHOUTcast and Winamp in 1999?
A: America Online.

What was the first band on a major label to debut a complete song over the Internet, with Headfirst?
A: Aerosmith.

What popster dropped 150 pounds and 20 dress sizes after an Internet-live gastric bypass?
A: Carnie Wilson.

What online companion to Wired magazine created the web's first banner ads?

What U.S. university did Tim ?Berners-Lee pick as the host of his W3Ccnosortium , to ensure royalty-free standards for the Web?
A: M.I.T.

What easy-to-use Internet-access system irked users because it couldn't process Quicktime, AVI, Shockwave, Acrobat or Zip files?
A: WebTV.

What geek-news website got its name when co-founder Rob Malda set out to concoct and incomprehensible URL?
A: Slashdot.

What website was launched in 1995 to compile the entire history of newsgroup postings?
A: DejaNews.

What trendy website hypnotized hordes of fans with peppy animations of cavorting arodents?

What punitive action does the "DP" stand for in the abbreviation "IDP", an action which terminates all traffic from a spamming Internet site?
A: "Death Penalty".

What comic book character did McGill student Alan Emtage pick as the name of his search  engine, when Unix found "Archives" to be too long?
A: Archie.

What kid-friendly web directory did Yahoo! launch in 1996?
A: Yahooligans!

What website did the founder of the EchoBAy Technonogy Group register, when he found that was already taken?

How many of every 100 posts to UUNet were determined to be spam in 1997, at its spammiest?
A: Ninety-nine.

What Internet activists, named after "cyberpunks," advocate strong cryptography for "making the networks safer for privacy"?
A: Cypherpunks.

What outfit acquired the web-based Sharelink and went on to become the largest U.S. online broker?
A: Charles Schwab.

What media conglomerate pioneered online news access with its Pathfinder website?
A: Time Warner.

What "behind-the-scenes" search engine pioneered large-scale parallel processing technology?
A: Inktomi.