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Free Fun Internet trivia questions and answers.

Fun internet trivia questions and answers.

What once-trendy Internet outfit was unable to parlay its innovative "push" technology for stock prices and news into a viable Web-based service?
A: PointCast.

What six-letter acronym is web-speak for the world's largest bulletin board system?

What browser company created the first "cookies," enabling Web applications to save morsels of information on surfers' hard drives?
A: Netscape.

What Internet outfit acquired GeoCities, then startled the residents with a short-lived claim that they "owned" all the content on the neighborhoods?

How many websites were there in June 1996, for every one in June 1993: 18,180, or 1800?
A: 1800.

What sci-fi author praised the Internet as "a waste of time, and that's exactly what's right about it"?
A: William Gibson.

What company got its start when Marc Andreesen coded up a web browser called Mosaic?
A: Netscape.

What new name did WebTV sets get when television receivers were added to the internet access?
A: WebTV Plus.

What dot-com success story did Jerry Yang and David Filo launch in 1995?

What Internet  company earned co-founder Jim Clark $663 million in its first public trading day?
A: Netscape.

What founding father did the U.S. Congress name its Internet site after?
A: Thomas Jefferson.

What website landed its theme song on the dance charts, despite lyrics like: "Dit dee dee da dee da doe doe deeee baaa ditty doe"?

Who met future wife Marta Fitzgerald when she sent e-mail to his Compuserve account, asking how to fight back against a Reagan-bashing prof?
A: Rush Limbaugh.

What computer magazine worked with Inktomi to spawn the HotBot search engine?
A: Wired.

What medium remained advertising-free until 1992, when the U.S. Congress amended the National Science Foundation Act?
A: The Internet.

What online service with its huge commnications network, was gobble up by AOL in 1997?
A: CompuServe.

What African nation felt compelled to issue a warning to foreigners not to provide their bank account info to its e-mail scam artists?
A: Nigeria.

What website, founded in 1995, did Thrift Score editor Al Hoff worry would put an end to flea markets and thrift shops?

What phrase does a fast-typing cyberchatter shorten to "IMHO"?
A: In My Humble Opinion.

What website became famous for faux-news headlines like: "Clinton Deploys Vowels to Bosnia" and "Death Star to Open Day Care Center"?

What does a chat-roomer mean by signing off with the shorthand "CULR"?
A: "See you later".