1990s Movie trivia questions and answers.

Hundreds of fun free 90s movie quiz trivia questions and answers. Use these movie quiz questions and answers as you wish




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Free fun 90s movie trivia questions and answers.

Fun 90s movie quiz trivia questions and answers.

Here are lots of movie quiz trivia questions with the answers.

What blockbuster film used the working title Planet Ice to shoot footage off Nova Scotia?
A: Titanic.

What president's real campaign footage appeared in Clint Eastwood's movie In The Line of Fire?
A: Bill Clinton's.

What movie got Queen's 1976 hit Bohemian Rhapsody back ion the charts in 1992?
A: Wayne's World.

What actor appeared in The Fifth Element and The Sixth Sense, buy not The Seventh Sign?
A: Bruce Willis.

What movie gave Walter Matthau the chance to exclaim: "Eat my shorts"?
A: Grumpy Old Men.

What multi-faceted character's voice did insult comic Don Rickles provide in Toy Story?
A: Mr. Potato Head's.

What name did little River Jude Bottom go by at the time of his death in 1993?
A: River Phoenix.

What quizmaster did a questionable job playing himself in White Men Can't Jump?
A: Alex Trebek.

Who wore 39 hats, 45 pair of shoes and 56 pairs of earrings as the title character in the movie Evita?
A: Madonna.

What 1997 movie brought the Spice Girls to the silver screen?
A: Spice World.

What pricey Kevin Costner movie was tagged Kevin's Gate and Fishtar months before it hit the theaters?
A: Waterworld.

What big-screen butt-kicker was named a "sacred vessel" of Tibetan Buddhism?
A: Steven Seagal.

What creature swallowed Jon Voight whole, in a 1997 movie?
A: An anaconda.

Who appeared in the epic films Live Nude Girls and Porky's, before Sex and the City beckoned?
A: Kim Cattrall.

Who strapped her breasts down and stuffed a sock in her pants, before auditioning for a role that won her an Oscar?
A: Hilary Swank.

What movie did Roger Ebert say affected him more than All the President's Men, because " Watergate didn't kill my parents. Cigarettes did"?
A: The Insider.

Who met Catherine Zeta-Jones at the Deauville Film Festival, and promptly declared: "I want to father your children"?
A: Michael Douglas.

What film follows Cher and Dionne, "named after great singers of the past that now do infomercials"?
A: Clueless.

What film did critic Janet Maslin describe as : "A gale-force movie with the energy to blow audiences right out of the theater"?
A: Twister.

What actress declined Neve Campbell's role in Scream, opting instead to be bumped off in the film's opening sequence?
A: Drew Barrymore.

What sequel had the working title I Know What You Did Two Summers Ago?
A: I Still Know What You Did Last Summer.

What actor was the voice of the grown-up Kevin Arnold on The Wonder Years, before terrorizing young Kevin McCallister in Home Alone?
A: Daniel Stern.

What movie was inspired by an animated Nike Super Bowl ad called Hare Fordan?
A: Space Jam.