1990's Television Show Trivia Questions and Answers - Free Fun Printable Trivia About TV Shows

Free Fun Printable Trivia Questions And Answers For All Ages including Seniors and Kids


Free 90s Television show trivia questions and answers from shows like General Hospital, Friends, Baywatch and more.

Fun printable 90s Television Show Trivia Questions and Answers.

OK, below are the Television show trivia stuff.

Who played a seductive Miguel Morez on General Hospital before leaving to start Livin' la Vida Loca?
A: Ricky Martin.

What never-seen Frasier character grew up wealthy, thanks to the sale of urinal cakes?
A: Maris.

What sitcom dad wailed "Be funnier!" as he pounded on his TV?
A: Homer Simpson.

What TV series featured a werewolf who plunked bass in a and called Dingoes Ate My Baby?
A: Buffy the vampire slayer.

What MTV twosome wear T-shirts honoring AC-DC and Metallica?
A: Beavis and Butt-head.

What cop drama aired Amy Brennenman's bare behind on its premiere episode?
A: NYPD Blue.

What one-time teen drama ended its 10-year TV run with the marriage of Donna and David?
A: Beverly Hills 90210.

What ailing nonagenarian cancelled his NBC Christmas special for the first time in 45 years?
A: Bob Hope.

What character left the sitcom Friends because he couldn't stop humping the floor lamp?
A: Marcel.

What Comedy Central program humbly claimed to be "the most important television show ever"?
A : The Daily Show.

And yet more television show trivia all the way to the bottom

What former church lady appeared as Mimi's heavily made-up mama on The Drew Carey Show?
A: Tammy Faye Bakker.

What quirky TV series featured an FBI agent who liked his coffee "Black as the midnight without a moonlight"?
A: Twin Peaks.

What baseballer was accused of projecting the "magic loogie" on Seinfeld?
A: Keith Hernandez.

What prime-time soap came to a merciful conclusion after a 13-year, 357 episode run?
A: Dallas.

What TV vixen was nominated fro A daytime Emmy 19 times before walking away with one?
A: Susan Lucci.

What future Baywatch babe replaced Jenny McCarthy on MTV's Singled Out?
A: Carmen  Electra.

What Cambridge-born actress attended Harvard  before spending two years as lifeguard Jordan Tate on Baywatch?
A: Traci Bingham.

What Twin Peaks star went mainstream in The Practice?
A: Lara Flynn Boyle.

What sexist comic guest-hosted Saturday Night Live, prompting Nora Dunn and Sinead O'Conner to boycott the show?
A: Andrew Dice Clay.

Still more television show trivia...

What Beverly Hills 90210 character checked out of rehab after a few hours, to go shot some heroin?
A: Dylan.

Who appeared on Monday Night Football cameras for a 27th season?
A: Frank Gifford.

How many Titanic survivors were around to see the 1997 movie: 0, 5, or 50?
A: Five.

What graying game-show host got a chance to beat up Adam Sandler, in Happy Gilmore?
A: Bob Barker.

Who turned down $20 million from NBC to replace David Letterman, preferring to continue his talk-show satire series?
A: Garry Shandling.

What PBS show did William F. Buckley end after 33 years, noting: "I'd just as soon not die onstage"?
A: Firing Line.

How many questions did John Carpenter answer correctly, to become the first Who Wants to Be a Millionaire millionaire?
A: Fifteen.

What former primetime soap star did Old Navy set to ork selling cargo shorts?
A: Morgan Fairchild.

What sitcom about a single mom featured characters named Emmett Kelly , Jean Kelly, Defoest zKelly and Grace Kelly?
A: Grace Under Fire.

What diva sang One More For The Road as Johnny Carson's last Tonight Show guest?
A: Bette Midler.

What theater got a multi-million dollar facelift before becoming home to the Late Show iwth David Leterman?
A: The Ed Sullivan Theater.

What long-running sitcom revealed on its final episode that its lead character wore a hairpiece?
A: Cheers.

What Seinfeld character refused to switch form briefs to boxers, noting: " My boys need a house"?
A: Kramer.

What Saved by the Bell star proved she  ould take off her clothes, in the movie Showgirls?
A: Elizabeth Berkley.

What sitcom capped a decade of shows with the final words "Sorry, we're closed"?
A: Cheers.