1990s Television show trivia questions and answers

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Free 90s Television show trivia questions and answers.

Fun 90s Television Show Trivia Questions and Answers.

OK, below are the Television show trivia stuff.

Who played a seductive Miguel Morez on General Hospital before leaving to start Livin' la Vida Loca?
A: Ricky Martin.

What never-seen Frasier character grew up wealthy, thanks to the sale of urinal cakes?
A: Maris.

What sitcom dad wailed "Be funnier!" as he pounded on his TV?
A: Homer Simpson.

What TV series featured a werewolf who plunked bass in a and called Dingoes Ate My Baby?
A: Buffy the vampire slayer.

What MTV twosome wear T-shirts honoring AC-DC and Metallica?
A: Beavis and Butt-head.

What cop drama aired Amy Brennenman's bare behind on its premiere episode?
A: NYPD Blue.

What one-time teen drama ended its 10-year TV run with the marriage of Donna and David?
A: Beverly Hills 90210.

What ailing nonagenarian cancelled his NBC Christmas special for the first time in 45 years?
A: Bob Hope.

What character left the sitcom Friends because he couldn't stop humping the floor lamp?
A: Marcel.

What Comedy Central program humbly claimed to be "the most important television show ever"?
A : The Daily Show.

And yet more television show trivia all the way to the bottom

What former church lady appeared as Mimi's heavily made-up mama on The Drew Carey Show?
A: Tammy Faye Bakker.

What quirky TV series featured an FBI agent who liked his coffee "Black as the midnight without a moonlight"?
A: Twin Peaks.

What baseballer was accused of projecting the "magic loogie" on Seinfeld?
A: Keith Hernandez.

What prime-time soap came to a merciful conclusion after a 13-year, 357 episode run?
A: Dallas.

What TV vixen was nominated fro A daytime Emmy 19 times before walking away with one?
A: Susan Lucci.

What future Baywatch babe replaced Jenny McCarthy on MTV's Singled Out?
A: Carmen  Electra.

What Cambridge-born actress attended Harvard  before spending two years as lifeguard Jordan Tate on Baywatch?
A: Traci Bingham.

What Twin Peaks star went mainstream in The Practice?
A: Lara Flynn Boyle.

What sexist comic guest-hosted Saturday Night Live, prompting Nora Dunn and Sinead O'Conner to boycott the show?
A: Andrew Dice Clay.

Still more television show trivia...

What Beverly Hills 90210 character checked out of rehab after a few hours, to go shot some heroin?
A: Dylan.

Who appeared on Monday Night Football cameras for a 27th season?
A: Frank Gifford.

How many Titanic survivors were around to see the 1997 movie: 0, 5, or 50?
A: Five.

What graying game-show host got a chance to beat up Adam Sandler, in Happy Gilmore?
A: Bob Barker.

Who turned down $20 million from NBC to replace David Letterman, preferring to continue his talk-show satire series?
A: Garry Shandling.

What PBS show did William F. Buckley end after 33 years, noting: "I'd just as soon not die onstage"?
A: Firing Line.

How many questions did John Carpenter answer correctly, to become the first Who Wants to Be a Millionaire millionaire?
A: Fifteen.

What former primetime soap star did Old Navy set to ork selling cargo shorts?
A: Morgan Fairchild.

What sitcom about a single mom featured characters named Emmett Kelly , Jean Kelly, Defoest zKelly and Grace Kelly?
A: Grace Under Fire.

What diva sang One More For The Road as Johnny Carson's last Tonight Show guest?
A: Bette Midler.

What theater got a multi-million dollar facelift before becoming home to the Late Show iwth David Leterman?
A: The Ed Sullivan Theater.

What long-running sitcom revealed on its final episode that its lead character wore a hairpiece?
A: Cheers.

What Seinfeld character refused to switch form briefs to boxers, noting: " My boys need a house"?
A: Kramer.

What Saved by the Bell star proved she  ould take off her clothes, in the movie Showgirls?
A: Elizabeth Berkley.

What sitcom capped a decade of shows with the final words "Sorry, we're closed"?
A: Cheers.

  The last of the television show trivia on this page.