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Hundreds of fun free music trivia questions and answers from the 90s



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Free 1990s music trivia questions and answers .

Fun 90s trivia questions and answers - Music.

What former member of The Who titled a "best-of" solo CD Cool walking smooth talking straight smoking fire stoking?
A: Pete Townsend.

What rap star named his dog "White Boy" and his 14-year-old protégé "Lil Bow Wow"?
A: Snoop Dogg.

What band entered the stage through a 30-foot toilet, on the 1998 Ozzfest tour?
A: Limp Bizket.

What country trio dubbed their debut CD Thank Heavens for Dale Evans?
A: The Dixie Chicks.

Whose memorial service marked the first time in 30 years all three surviving Beatles appeared together in public?
A: Linda McCartney's.

What musical did Pink Floyd resurrect for a historic Potzdamer Platz convert for over 200,000 fans?
A: The Wall.

What grunge band after deciding not to name itself after NBA player Mookie Blaylock , titled its first album after his number Ten?
A: Pearl Jam.

What soul singer said, "I feel good" after being released from jail in 1991?
A: James Brown.

What Manhattan venue celebrated its 100th birthday with a star-studded concert so formal that even the cameramen wore tuxedos?
A: Carnegie Hall.

What 1991 Seattle ditty did Rolling stone dub the "grunge national anthem"?
A: Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Who wrote "slave" on his face to depict how his record label treated him?
A: Prince.

What metal rap group claims the Carnival Spirit ordered them to release six albums warning of the impending apocalypse?
A: Insane Clown Posse.

What rebel rocker appears on crutches in Oliver Stone's The Doors after a near-fatal cycle accident?
A: Billy Idol.

Who joined Jose Carreras and Luciano Pavarotti to tour, and record as The Three Tenors?
A: Placido Domoingo.

What one-hit wonder did Bible dub the "Pat Boone of rap"?
A: Vanilla Ice.

What rockers built a studio and recorded The Downward Spiral in the house where Sharon Tate had been killed?
A: Nine Inch Nails.

What Rolling :Stone's former mother-in-law wed his son, seriously tangling his family tree?
A: Bill Wyman's.

What heavy metal spoofers titled their second album Break Like the Wind?
A: Spinal Tap.

What romantic city was Michael Jackson visiting when his daughter was conceived?
A: Paris.

What rapper died before he could give the world more poignant songs like Fat Girl Hit the Hooker and Just Don't Bite It?
A: Eazy-E..

What singer was under the complete control of therapist Eugene Landy until California courts ordered all ties between them severed?
A:  :Brian Wilson.

What self-proclaimed "architect of rock 'n' roll" helped cut the ribbon for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum?
A: Little Richard.

What alternative rockers helped launched the first Lollapalooza as their good-bye concert tour?
A: Jane's Addiction.

Who learned English just two years before her Oscar-winning "Beauty and the Beast" duet?
A: Celine Dion.

What Key West crooner titled his memoir A Pirate Looks at Fifty?
A: Jimmy Buffet.

What Briton record his Ten Summoner's Tales CD in the dining room of his Tudor estate?
A: Sting.

What Limp Bizket front man was criticized for crowd surfing at Woodstock  '99 to the tune Break Stuff, while the crowd was busy braking tuff?
A: Fred Durst.

What Aussie rock star persona did Garth Brooks adopt, for a 1999 album?
A: Chris Gaines.