Fun Free Printable 90's Music Trivia Questions and Answers About Groups, Bands, Singers, Artists, Records and More!

Free Fun Printable Trivia Questions And Answers For All Ages including Seniors and Kids


Free printable fun trivia quiz questions and answers from the 1990s about music, records, albums, artists and more!.

Fun 90s trivia questions and answers - Music.

What former member of The Who titled a "best-of" solo CD Cool walking smooth talking straight smoking fire stoking?
A: Pete Townsend.

What rap star named his dog "White Boy" and his 14-year-old protégé "Lil Bow Wow"?

A: Snoop Dogg.

What band entered the stage through a 30-foot toilet, on the 1998 Ozzfest tour?
A: Limp Bizket.

What country trio dubbed their debut CD Thank Heavens for Dale Evans?
A: The Dixie Chicks.

Whose memorial service marked the first time in 30 years all three surviving Beatles appeared together in public?
A: Linda McCartney's.

What musical did Pink Floyd resurrect for a historic Potzdamer Platz convert for over 200,000 fans?
A: The Wall.

What grunge band after deciding not to name itself after NBA player Mookie Blaylock , titled its first album after his number Ten?
A: Pearl Jam.

What soul singer said, "I feel good" after being released from jail in 1991?
A: James Brown.

What Manhattan venue celebrated its 100th birthday with a star-studded concert so formal that even the cameramen wore tuxedos?
A: Carnegie Hall.

What 1991 Seattle ditty did Rolling stone dub the "grunge national anthem"?
A: Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Who wrote "slave" on his face to depict how his record label treated him?
A: Prince.

What metal rap group claims the Carnival Spirit ordered them to release six albums warning of the impending apocalypse?
A: Insane Clown Posse.

What rebel rocker appears on crutches in Oliver Stone's The Doors after a near-fatal cycle accident?
A: Billy Idol.

Who joined Jose Carreras and Luciano Pavarotti to tour, and record as The Three Tenors?
A: Placido Domoingo.

What one-hit wonder did Bible dub the "Pat Boone of rap"?
A: Vanilla Ice.

What rockers built a studio and recorded The Downward Spiral in the house where Sharon Tate had been killed?
A: Nine Inch Nails.

What Rolling :Stone's former mother-in-law wed his son, seriously tangling his family tree?
A: Bill Wyman's.

What heavy metal spoofers titled their second album Break Like the Wind?
A: Spinal Tap.

What romantic city was Michael Jackson visiting when his daughter was conceived?
A: Paris.

What rapper died before he could give the world more poignant songs like Fat Girl Hit the Hooker and Just Don't Bite It?
A: Eazy-E..

What singer was under the complete control of therapist Eugene Landy until California courts ordered all ties between them severed?
A:  :Brian Wilson.

What self-proclaimed "architect of rock 'n' roll" helped cut the ribbon for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum?
A: Little Richard.

What alternative rockers helped launched the first Lollapalooza as their good-bye concert tour?
A: Jane's Addiction.

Who learned English just two years before her Oscar-winning "Beauty and the Beast" duet?
A: Celine Dion.

What Key West crooner titled his memoir A Pirate Looks at Fifty?
A: Jimmy Buffet.

What Briton record his Ten Summoner's Tales CD in the dining room of his Tudor estate?
A: Sting.

What Limp Bizket front man was criticized for crowd surfing at Woodstock  '99 to the tune Break Stuff, while the crowd was busy braking tuff?
A: Fred Durst.

What Aussie rock star persona did Garth Brooks adopt, for a 1999 album?
A: Chris Gaines.