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Printable Trivia Questions -Free 1990s music trivia questions.

Fun 90s printable trivia questions with  answers - Music.

What singer was re-dubbed "Mother Bernadette Mary" when she became a priestess of the maverick Catholic Latin Tridentine Church?
A: Sinead O'Conner.

What 54-year old singer took everything off but her boots for a playboy cover?
A: Nancy Sinatra.

What band cracked Britain's Top 40 with a 14-minute recording of two if its members arguing, called Wibbling Rivalry?
A: Oasis.

What breakthrough Nirvana hit inadvertently hyped a real brand of deodorant?
A: Smells like Teen Spirit.

What rap group were allowed to be As Nasty As They Wanna Be at a Florida obscenity trial?
A: 2 Live Crew.

What member of Motley Crue was charged wit indecent exposure after baring his butt in Atlanta?
A: Tommy Lee.

What San Diego band originally signed to Atlantic Records with the name Mighty Joe Young?
A: Stone Temple Pilots.

What pop star used Pacific Data Images' novel "morphing " technique for a montage of faces in the video Black or White?
A: Michael Jackson.

Printable Trivia Questions

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What hat act released the first country album to top Billboard's top chart?
A: Garth Brooks.

What rock star released Come As You Are shortly after exchanging vows at  a cliff side Hawaiian wedding dressed in his pajamas?
A: Kurt Cobain.

What Elton John chart-topper from the '70s hit number one 18 years later, when he and George Michael recorded it as a duet?
A: Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me.

What rap duo was formed by Chris "Daddy Mack" Smith and Chris "Mack Daddy" Kelly?
A: Kriss Kross.

What legendary crooner was the subject of an FBI file that filled 1,275 pages?
A: Frank Sinatra.

What rap group's  Greatest Hits DVD features classics like Banned in the USA, Shake a Lil'Somethin' and Me So Horny?
A: 2 Live Crew's.

What Paris music hall kicked up its heels for the last time after a 123-year-run?
A: The Folies Bergere.

What Caribbean nation tried to shoot down a private plane carrying Jimmy Buffett and Bono, mistaking them for drug traffickers?
A: Jamaica.

What hip-hop diva sports the nickname "Misdemeanor"?
A: Missy Elliott.

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