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1990s music trivia questions and answers .

Fun 90s trivia questions and answers - Music.

What rapper's violent death was foreshadowed by his final video, I Ain't Mad At Cha?
A: Tupac Shakur's.

What future pop star knocked Aaliyah out of the Star Search running, at age 11?
A: Justin Timberlake.

What punk legend announced his band's Filthy Lucre reunion tour, noting: "We're fat, 40, and back.
A: Johnny Rotten.

Who refused to accept her Grammy for I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got, noting it "represents everything I despise about the music industry"?
A: Sinead O'Conner.

What songstress did over four in 10 executives think was a computer, in a Fortune 1000 poll?
A: Fiona Apple.

What band based its song Jeremy on the classroom suicide o high-schooler Jeremy Wade Delle?
A: Pearl Jam.

What convenience store chain began playing elevator music outside its stores to9 discourage teenagers from loitering?
A: 7-Eleven.

What Canadian singer did writer Cintra Wilson call "one of the most freakishly mutated creatures the Streisand Machine has ever coughed out"?
A: Celine Dion.

What hit band got its start when three alternative rock producers spied singer Shirley Manson on MTV and asked her to play with them?
A :Garbage.

What magazine did Vive spin off in 1998 to fan the flames of Hip-hop?
A: Blaze.

What designer of Michael Jackson's Thriller jacket was gunned down in front of his Miami mansion?
A: Gianni Versace.

What pop saxophonist played a continuous E-flat for a record 46 minutes in 1997?
A: Kenny G.

What song was Tiny Tim playing when he suffered a fatal heart attack?
A: Tiptoe Through the Tulips.

What singer is honored by San Francisco's Hello, Gorgeous!! museum, that sells wigs and fake noses to visitors who want to look just like her?
A: Barbara Streisand.

What rock veteran's name appears in the flames on Pearl Jam's CD Mirror-ball, when seen in a mirror?
A: Neil Young's.

What anti-gay album did one Beastie Boy publicly apologize for, 13 years after its release?
A: Licensed to Ill.

What singer, criticized for violating the UN's South Africa boycott, was the first international star to give a concert there once the boycott was lifted?
A: Paul Simon.

What songstress received the Order of Quebec on April 30, 1998 and the Order of Canada a day later?
A: Celine Dion.

What Florida singer became only the sixth author to top both the best-selling fiction and on-fiction chars?
A: Jimmy Buffett.

What country crooner lost almost her entire band when their plane crashed after a concert, in 1991?
A: Reba McEntire.

What rock band resurrected Bob Dylan's Knockin on Heaven's Door for a 1991 album?
A: Guns N' Roses.

What artist's 1996 CD was banned by Wal-Mart for linking the chain to gun violence?
A: Sheryl Crow's.

What was the first R.E.M. album to spend time at the top of the Billboard charts?
A: Out of Time.

What rapper earned notoriety for getting killed right after recording the song You're Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You)?
A: The Notorious B.I.G.

What venerable punk band titled their swan song We're Outta Here?
A: The Ramones.

What was Eminem sitting on when he came up with the name Slim Shady?
A: A toilet.

What pop crooner's foray into heavy metal led to the cancellation of his Gospel America TV show?
A: Pat Boone's.

What instrumentalist sold a record seven million copies of a Christmas album, by 1997?
A: Kenny G.