Fun Free 90's Printable Sports Trivia Questions and Answers About Basketball, Dennis Rodman, Muhammad Ali, Indy 500 and More!

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Free printable fun sports trivia quiz questions with the answers from the 90s

Fun 90s sports trivia questions and answers.

What event did ever-optimistic WWF czar Vince McMahon dub the "Super Bowl of pro wrestling"?
A: WrestleMania.

What two NBA stars were hyped as "The Mauler" and "Rodzilla" for a WCW wrestling match?

A: Karl Malone and Dennis Rodman.

What Brazilian tennis star inspires hordes of fans to scream "Gu-ga, Gu-ga"?
A: Gustavo Kuerten.

What two-sport star didn't speak in his Nike ads, thanks to a pronounced stutter?
A: Bo Jackson.

What 43-year-old base baller became the oldest pitcher to hurl a no-hitter?
A: Nolan Ryan.

Who trained for a fight against Tommy Morrison during breaks while filming and ABC sitcom?
A: George Foreman.

What Spanish city got fired up over an NFL Europe team called the Dragons?
A: Barcelona.

What sport other than ice skating was Tara Lipinski a national champ in?
A: Roller skating.

What did minor league baseball's Palm Springs Suns invite fans to wear to a JUly8, 1996 game, in hopes of boosting attendance?
A: Nothing.

What boxer was present4ed with a gold medal at the Atlanta Olympics to replace the one he threw away years earlier?
A: Muhammad Ali.

What former Celtics center passed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's NBA record for games played?
A: Robert Parish.

What outspoken NBA star claimed Bob Dole was as old as his grandma, further clarifying: "I don't want her to be president either"?
A: Charles Barkley.

Who broke Sachio Kinugasa's world baseball record of 2,215 consecutive games played?
A: Cal Ripken Jr.

What golfer led the PGA Tour in driving distance eight years during the '90s?
A: John Daly.

What driver won his fourth Indy 500 in 1991?
A: Rick Mears.

What 16-year-old Swiss miss became the youngest Wimbledon singles champ in 100 years?
A: Martina Hingis.

Who became the first pitcher to win four consecutive Cy Young Awards?
A: Greg Maddux.

What PGA long-ball hitter began teeing off with a modified iron he dubbed "Zero"?
A: John Daly.

Who retired as a gymnastic coach in 1996 to coordinate the U.S. team-building efforts?
A: Bela Karolyi.

What stunt bike legend was only 17 when he started the Sprocket Jockey Bicycle Stunt Team?
A: Mat Hoffman.

What baseball owner got $58 million form Congress to help bail out his troubled Tampa Shipyard?
A: George Steinbrenner.

What NFL coach retired with a regular-season 328-156-6 record?
A: Don Shula.

What NBC sports announcer admitted keeping a 1958 Mickey Mantle baseball card in his wallet?
A: Bob Costas.

What second baseman played in every all-Star game of the '90s representing the Padres, Blue Jays, Orioles and Indians?
A: Roberto Alomar.

Who was baseball's acting commissioner during the infamous 1994-95 strike?
A: Bud Selig.

What seven-foot-four wrestler mysteriously developed a cult following among skateboarders after his untimely demise?
A: Andre the Giant.

What rival ran up, when a jubilant Mark McGwire had just broken Roger Maris' home run record, and gave him a big bear hug?
A: Sammy Sosa.