General Knowledge 1990s Trivia Questions and Answers About General Miscellaneous Trivia

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Which of the original five flavors did Life Savers advertise in 1999 as "not Y2K compliant"?
A: Pineapple

What kind of monkey did a human get a new liver from, only to contract herpes from the organ?

A: A baboon.

What future Baywatch babe replaced Jenny McCarthy on MTV's Singled Out?
A: Carmen Electra.

What sued-lined shoes were pitched to the MTV crowd, in colors dubbed Moody Blue, Chili Pepper Red, and Purple Rain?
A: Birkenstocks.

What sequel has Charlie Sheen using his nose to nudge a meatball towards his lady love?
A: Hot Shots! Par Deux.

What U.S. governor proclaimed Rolling Stones Day and vetoed National Prayer Day?
A: Jesse Ventura.

What was the only wine grape varietal the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms deemed unique to the U.S.?
A: Zinfandel.

What "embodiment of pure intellect" did Time magazine anoint Person of the Century?
A: Albert Einstein.

What iconic article of Michael Jackson's apparel was stolen from the Motown Museum?
A: A glove.

What brain-cancer patient received more than 350 million get-well cards, when a chain e-mail refused to die?
A: Craig Shergold.

What did Shannon Lucid spend 188 days aboard, setting a world record for a woman?
A: Mir.

What luxury sports sedan did General Motors hype as  "the caddy that zigs"?
A: The Catera.

What short-lived ABC game show pitted former winners of the Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions against each other?
A: Super Jeopardy!

What historical role earned Madonna her first Golden Globe Award for acting?
A: Eva Peron.

What nation's health-care system did 68 percent of U.S. residents say they preferred to their own, on a 1990 Los Angeles Times poll?
A: Canada's.

What fashion designer pledged $10 million to restore the original Star-Spangled Banner?
A: Ralph Lauren.

What two neighboring nations conducted nuclear tests that brought the Doomsday clock to nine minutes before midnight?
A: India and Pakistan.

What mustachioed union leader became president of Poland in 1990?
A: Lech Walesa.

Who was red-faced after wearing blackface to roast his girlfriend Whoopi Goldberg at the Friars Club?
A: Ted Danson.

What star of Loaded Weapon 1 made 44 movies in the 1990s, more than any other thespian?
A: Samuel L. Jackson.

What does LOL mean to amused online chatters?
A: Laugh Out Loud.

What restaurant is known as Mai Dang Lao in China?
A: McDonalds.

Who said after walking out of Victor Verster prison: "I stand here before you not as a prophet, but as a humble servant of you, the people"?
A: Nelson Mandela.

What network broadcast It's Garry Shandling Show reruns a month after they debuted on Showtime?
A: Fox.

What boxcar-sized  instrument was lifted into orbit in 1990 by the shuttle Discovery?
A: The Hubble Space Telescope.