Free Printable Easy 90s General Science Trivia Questions and Answers About Miscellaneous Science Topics

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Fun easy 1990s general miscellaneous trivia questions with the answers, free and printable.

What craft did Sergeti Avdeyev, Viktor Afanasyev, and Jean-Pierre Halgnere shut the hatch on for the last time, in 1999?
A: Mir.

What chip did Intel create as a lower-cost alternative to the Pentium microprocessor family?

A: Celeron.

What combined term did Insite Technology coin for a floppy disk with high-density optical tracking?
A: "Floptical".

What's the only South American nation contributing to the International Space Station?
A: Brazil.

What planet's 17th moon, discovered in 1999, was saddled with the designation S/1999J1?
A: Jupiter's.

What name, Japanese for "partner," did Sony select for its' first robotic "pet"?

What planet did the Galileo spacecraft begin orbiting in 1995?
A: Jupiter.

What was the first toll-free area code put in service, after the supply of 800-numbers began to dwindle?
A: 888.

What planet's Earth-sized Great Dark Spot, first seen in 1989, had completely disappeared by 1994?
A: Uranus.

What planet was discovered to be bristling with 1,600 large volcanoes?
A: Venus.

What did the Electronic Frontier Foundation name its $250,000 computer designed to crack the U.S. government's outdated DES cryptographic code?
A: Deep Crack.

What rural state provided WiFi for all residents, earning it a Yahoo! "Most Wired City in America" award?
A: Nevada.

What was the first company to sell a camcorder with a color LCD screen instead of a viewfinder?
A: Sharp.

Where did astronomer Gene Shoemaker become the first person to have his ashes scattered?
A: The Moon.

What high-tech Texas city was linked to Silicon Valley by an airline route dubbed the "Nerd Bird"?
A: Austin.

What nation became the third to launch a Mars probe, when Planet-B took off in 1998?
A: Japan.

What unofficial new name did the "Alpha" design for the International Space Station get, after Russia joined the project?
A: "Ralpha".

What legendary hacker was taken down after he broke into physicist Tsutomu Shimomura's computer on Christmas 1994?
A: Kevin Mitnick.

What does ISP mean to a dial-up web-surfer?
A: Internet Service Provider.

What search engine was born when six Stanford students sat around Rosita's Taqueria looking for an exciting way to stay together after graduation?

What salad staple, dubbed the FlavrSavr, was the first genetically engineered food sold in the U.S.?
A: The tomato.

Which space shuttle was named after James Cook's world circling ship?
A: Endeavour.

What satellite TV system sold its first mini-dish in 1994, at Cowboy Maloney's retail stores in Jackson, Mississippi?
A: DirecTV, or DSS.

What Internet search engine uses a rating system called PageRank, named for founder Larry Page?

What nasty 1999 computer worm, named after a lap dancer, first appeared inside a list of passwords to pornographic websites?
A: Melissa.

What manufacturer of the Barracuda and Medalist made 100 million hard drives in 17 years?
A: Seagate.

What politician is credited with popularizing the phrase "information superhighway"?
A: Al Gore.

What U.S. agency established the National Infrastructure Protection Center to battle cyber crime?
A: The FBI.