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Free 1990s video game trivia questions and answers.

Fun 90s trivia questions and answers - video game..

What does the E stand for in ESRB, the software ratings board that determines an appropriate age for video games?
A: Entertainment.

What computer classic sent players to Phobos to blast Specters, Lost Souls and Cacodemons?
A: Doom.

What Sega critter became the third-best-known figure for young boys, after Michael Jordan and Arnold Schwarzenegger?
A: Sonic the Hedgehog.

What slimy video game has bad guys named Professor Monkey-for-a-Head, Evil the Cat from Heck and Bob, the Killer Goldfish?
A: Earthworm Jim.

What Sony game system offered more computer power "than NASA used to put a man on the moon"?
A: PlayStation.

What successor to Wolfenstein 3D proved that free sample computer games could spawn a booming direct-sale market?
A: Doom.

What legendary Nintendo game was A Link to the Past a sequel to?
A: The Legend of Zelda.

What was Hiroshi Yamauchi's cleverly named successor to the Nintendo Entertainment System?
A: The Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

What video game gives you cheat options to produce a Skull-Shooting TeddyMon or an Old-ManMon?
A: DigiMon.

what company hyped its Jaguar as the first 64-bit gaming system, because it had two 32-bit processors running in parallel?
A: Atari.

What proprietary multimedia program gave Apple an early edge in graphics and video applications?
A: QuickTime.

What hip-hop puppy starred in the first Playstation game to give players credit for just keeping the beat?
A: PaRappa the Rapper.

What graphic adventure by Rand and Robyn Miller did PC Computing dub the "first New Age game"?
A: Myst.

What game console sold 514,000 units for Sega during its first two weeks in U.S. stores, in 1999?
A: Dreamcast.

What videogame hero must unseat King K. Rool in a 3-D update of a Nintendo classic?
A: Donkey Kong.

What jumping PlayStation marsupial do fans consider the Sony equivalent to Super Mario?
A: Crash Bandicoot.

What game system, the first to come equipped with a modern, clogged up phone lines in Europe as many purchasers got online for the first time?
A: Dreamcast.

What video game hero ran a lot faster than his two-tailed sidekick, Tails?
A: Sonic the Hedgehog.

What BanDai cyber-toy gave kids a chance to mate their Pipotchi with a Kabutchi to spawn a babitchi?
A: Tamagotchi.

What fruit helps restore a player's health in Donkey Kong 64?
A: Watermelons.

What Nintendo hero was more recognizable to kids than Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny by 1990?
A: Mario.

What type of computer programs did the Dark Avenger Mutation Engine promise to make more powerful?
A: Viruses.

What 1980s video game star returned in 1999 with pals Diddy, Tiny, Chunky and Lanky?
A: Donkey Kong.