Fun Free Printable Entertainment Trivia Questions and Answers From the 90s

Free Fun Printable Trivia Questions And Answers For All Ages including Seniors and Kids


Fun free printable entertainment trivia questions and answers from the 90s.

Fun 90s entertainment trivia questions and answers.

What memoir did Leonard Nimoy tap out, twenty years after I Am Not Spock?
A: I Am Spock.

Who won five Emmys for her sitcom role a a television reporter?
A: Candice Bergen.

What Rolling Stone's former mother-in-law wed his son, seriously tangling his family tree?
A: Bill Wyman's.

What city did Dr. Quinn bid adieu to, when she headed west to be a medicine woman?
A: Boston.

What cable hit was all about "what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real"?
A: The Real World.

What TV network did Barry Diller buy after Comcast took over QVC?
A: The Home Shopping Network.

What critters did Jerry O'Connell let romp around in his mouth for a scene in Joe's Apartment?
A: Cockroaches.

What substance did Norma Lyon use to create 600-pound cow sculptures for '90s Iowa State Fairs?
A: Butter.

What tonsorial trend did Beverly Hills 90210 stars Luke Perry and Jason Priestley revitalize?
A: Sideburns.

What cable TV cult classic changed hosts, polarizing cyberspace in The Great Joel vs. Mike Flamewar?
A: Mystery Science Theater 3000.

What sit-down comic spent six-and-a-half years as Conan O'Brien's late-night second banana?
A: Andy Richter.

What was the first company to offer a DVD player for sale in the U.S.?
A: Sony.

What sitcom star announced on the cover of Time magazine, "Yep, I'm Gay"?
A: Ellen DeGeneres.

What was the original message on Johnny Depp's heartfelt tattoo that now reads: "Wino Forever"?
A: "Winona Forever".

What movie did Warren Beatty opt to shoot in seven basic comic book colors?
A: Dick Tracy.

What cinema smash hit did cynical critics call "Die Hard on a bus"?
A: Speed.

What divine songtress played Murphy Brown's 93rd and last secretary?
A: Bette Midler.

What did Michael Ramsay and James Barton name their digital-video-recording service, after rejecting Teleworld and Bongo?
A: TiVo.

What 30-year-old TV icon was the nation's favorite spokescharacter in 1996, getting 200 fan letters a week?
A: The Pillsbury Doughboy.

What Beverly Hills 90210 star claims to have been "completely pickled" when she led the Pledge of Allegiance at the 1992 Republican convention?
A: Shannen Doherty.

What Muppet Christmas Carol star admitted that as a child, his mum pasted his ears to his skull to keep them from sticking out?
A: Michael Caine.

What diva pitched a fit at Heathrow Airport, after being stopped in the name of security?
A: Diana Ross.

What actress ran off with actor Jason Patric three days before she was to marry Kiefer Sutherland?
A: Julia Roberts.

What 71-year-old actor celebrated his Oscar win by doing a set of one-handed push-ups on stage?
A: Jack Palance.

What Canadian TV comedy show buried its five stars alive during the credits of the series finale?
A :The Kids in the Hall.

What media mogul said of the Heaven's Gate suicides: "It's a good way t get rid of a few nuts"?
A: Ted Turner.

What musical opened on Broadway with 200 animal puppets, including a life-sized elephant?
A: The Lion King.

Whose ghost is said to haunt Paramount Studio's lot 31, where he died of a heart attack during rehearsals for his new sitcom, The Royal Family?
A: Redd Foxx's.