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Fun 90s trivia questions and answers - Miscellaneous.

Who did Michael Jackson marry in May 1994?
A: Lisa Marie Presley.

Which animal name was given to the terrorist Carlos who was tried in 1997?
A: The Jackal.

Which Janet had a 1990 No 1 with Escapade?
A: Jackson.

Whose first European ad campaign was for Max Factor in 1999?
A: Madonna.

Which word went with Britannia to describe the supposedly vibrant late 90s?
A: Cool.

Which English Kate became the face of L'Oreal in 1998?
A: Moss.

Who had a 90s No 1 hit with Jump?
A: Kris Kross.

Which 1996 musical had Madonna making 85 costume changes?
A: Evita.

In which 1992 Disney movie was Robin Williams the voice of the Genie?
A: Aladdin.

Whose name appears with Dracula in the title of the 1992 movie?
A: Bram Stoker's.

In which 90s film did Jeremy Irons speak the voice of wicked feline Scar?
A: The Lion King.

For which 1990s movie did Sigourney Weaver save her head?
A: Alien III.

The 90s Good Friday Agreement sought peace in which country?
A: N. Ireland.

Who had a 90s hit with The Shoop Shoop Song?
A: Cher.

What flower is named in the first line of Candle in the Wind 1997?
A: Rose.

Who had a 90s No 1 with The Power Of Love?
A: Celine Dion.

Which singer Sammy died of throat cancer in 1990?
A: Davis Jr.

Who had a 90s No 1 with Ice Ice Baby?
A: Vanilla Ice.

How many goals were scored in soccer's 1998 world Cup Final?
A: Three.

Which country hosted the 1998 Winter Olympics?
A: Japan.

Albertville and Lillehammer were two 90s venues for which event?
A: Winter Olympics.

Which Jennifer won Olympic gold in tennis in 1992?
A: Capriati.

What is the first title word of Meat Loaf's big 90s No 1 hit?
A: I'd.

In which 1998 film did Anderson & Duchovny reprise their TV roles of Mulder & Scully?
A: The X files.

Who was the Pretty Woman in the1990 film with Richard Gere?
A: Julia Roberts.

What was the Georges that left a trail of destruction in Florida in 1998?
A: Hurricane.

Which world heavyweight boxing champion was jailed in the 90s.
A:  Mike Tyson.

In 1998 actor James Brolin married which singer/actress?
A: Barbara Streisand.

Who had a 1995 No 1 with Take A Bow?
A: Madonna.

Who had a 1994 No 1 with I Swear?
A: All-4-One.

A 1997 phenomenon, Hale-Bop was a type of what?
A: Comet.

In 1998 David Trimble and John Hume shared The Nobel Prize for what?
A: Peace.

In 1995 astronaut Michael Foale was the first Briton to walk where?
A:  Space.

Robert Polhill was released in 1990  as a hostage in which country?
A: Lebanon.

Which group had a 90s hit with How Do You Talk To An Angel?
A: The Heights.

Which 90s Bond girl appeared in the sitcom Sunday Dinner?
A: Teri Hatcher.