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Easy Movie Trivia

Which Jim played Truman in The Truman Show?
A: Carrey.

Which 90s movie told of a group of stripping Sheffield steelworkers?

A: The Full Monty.

Which mouse first appeared in Steamboat Willie in 1928?
A: Mickey Mouse.

In Forrest Gump, his mom says, “Like is like a box of “ what?
A: Chocolates.

Which blonde country star had a cameo role in The Beverly Hillbillies?
A: Dolly Parton.

Where did Deloris, played by Whoopi Goldberg, find refuge in Sister Act?
A: Convent.

In Home Alone 2, Macauilay Culkin was lost in which city?
A: New York.

In which movie did Macaulay Culkin first play abandoned child Kevin McCallister?
A: Home Alone.

Why was Mick Dundee nicknamed Crocodile?
A: He survived a crocodile attack.

In which 80s comedy did Dustin Hoffman play an actor who pretends to be a woman to get a part in a soap?
A: Tootsie.

There’s Something About whom in the politically incorrect comedy with Cameron Diaz?
A: Mary.

Which silent movie star created the comic character The Little Tramp?
A: Charlie Chaplin.

Which spinach-eating cartoon character was played by Robin William?
A: Popeye.

Who was the near-silent subject of The Ultimate Disaster Movie in 1997?
A: Bean.

In the 1994 movie, what did Jim Carrey find that turned him from a bank clerk into a comic-book character, in the film of the same name?
A: The Mask.

Which 1994 movie was based on a TV cartoon and was set in Bedrock?
A: the Flintstones.

What was A Fish called in the movie with Michael Palin and John Cleese?
A: Wanda.

What was the name of the nanny Robin Williams becomes to look after his estranged children in the 1993 film.
A: Mrs. Doubtfire.

Whose World was a 1992 film with Mike Myers and Dana Carvey?
A: Wayne’s.

Post Cards From the Edge was based on the life of which actress Carrie?
A: Fisher.

Which Bruce is the voice of Mikey in Look Who’s Talking?
A: Willis.

Which Michael played teenager Marty in Back to the Future?
A: J Fox.

Which member of Arthur’s staff was played by John Gielgud in the 80s film with Dudley Moore?
A: Valet.

Which crawling insects are the major stars of A Bug’s Life?
A: Ants.

Which Richard found fame in Withnail and I?
A: E. Grant.

Which activist did Denzel Washington play in CryFreedom?
A: Steve Biko.

Which actor shot to fame in 1980 with American Gigolo?
A: Richard Gere.

Who could not accept the offer to play 007 first time round as he was committed to playing Remington Steele?
A: Pierce Brosnan.

How was Joanne Whalley known after he marriage to her husband?
A: Joanne Whalley Kilmer.

Who dubbed Kenneth Branagh’s voice for the French version of Henry V?
A: Gerard Depardieu.

How did Christopher Reeve suffer the appalling injuries which brought about his paralysis in 1995?
A: Fell from a horse.

Who is Jason Gould’s mom who starred with him in Prince of Tides?
A: Barbara Streisand.

Who did Antonio Banderas marry after they met on the set of Two Much?
A: Melanie Griffith.

Which actress won an Oscar for her screenplay adaptation of Jane Austen’s Sense & Sensibility?
A: Emma Thompson.