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Easy TV trivia questions and answers.

Easy TV  and TV Soap Opera Trivia

The Colbys was a spin-off from which soap?
A: Dynasty.

Which Ewing brother was a central character of Knots Landing?
A: Gary.

In which early soap did Ryan O’Neal shoot to stardom?
A: Peyton Place.

On which night of the week was Falcon Crest broadcast through most of the 80s?
A: Friday.

David Hasselhoff appeared in The Young and the Restless before starring in which coastal series?
A: Baywatch.

In which state was Dynasty set?
A: Colorado.

In which soap was Blake married to “Alexis then Krystle?
A: Dynasty.

What was the name of the ranch in Dallas?
A: Southfork.

Which Linda played Audra in The Big Valley before starring in Dynasty?
A: Evans.

Knots Landing was a spin-off from which oil-bassed soap?
A: Dallas.

Who was Jason’s wife in The Colbys?
A: Sable.

As opposed to oil, Falcon Crest was about which commodity California is famous for?
A: Wine.

In Dallas, what did JR’s initials stand for?
A: John Ross.

Dynasty’s Joan Collins has a novelist sister called what?
A: Jackie Collins.

In which soap did Ted Danson appear before finding superstardom in Cheers?
A: Somerset.

Which Broadway star Mary was the mother of Larry Hagman?
A: Martin.

Which future movie star played Allison McKenzie in Peyton Place?
A: Mia Farrow.

What was Blake’s last name in Dynasty?
A: Carrington.

Which married Dallas character was always called Miss?
A: Miss Ellie.

Actress Jane Wyman was once married to which President?
A: Ronald Reagan.

Which character did Patrick Duffy play in Dallas?
A: Bobby.

In which state was Savannah set?
A: Georgia.

In which city in Georgia was CNN founded?
A: Atlanta.

What was the name of the spin-off series from The Mary Tyler Moore Show which starred Valerie Harper?
A: Rhoda.

At what time of day was The Gong Show always broadcast?
A: Noon.

How was Pamela Anderson billed in her early series of Baywatch?
A: Pamela Denise Anderson.

Which sitcom was a spin-off from a Happy Days episode called My Favorite Orkan?
A: Mork & Mindy.

Which Johnny sang the theme song from Family Ties with Deniece Williams?
A: Mathis.

Which Johnny was sheriff of Velardi Arizona?
A: Ringo.

Which cop show with Tom Selleck had a pilot show called Don’t Eat The Snow in Hawaii?
A: Magnum PI.

Which tough guy Mike had a secretary called Velda?
A: Hammer.

Which larger-than-life actor William narrated Rocky and Bullwlinkle?
A: Conrad.

Xena was described as what sort of Princess in the series title?
A: Warrior.

Which Bear was Hanna & Barbera’s first full-length feature?
A: Yogi.

Who did Frasier marry?
A: Lilith Sternin.

In the Dukes of Hazzard,l who or what was General Lee?
A: Car.

In which decade was Happy Days set?
A: 1950s.

Which series was described by its creator as “just another horse opera except they ride in a spaceship not on a nag.”?
A: Star Trek.

What was the Beverly Hills zip code of the Walshes in the 1990s series?
A: 90210.

Which screen legend’s daughter-in-law replaced Farrah Fawcett Majors in Charlie’s Angels?
A: Alan Ladd’s daughter-in-law Cheryl.

What was Huckleberry Hound’s favorite song?
A: Clementine.

Father Murphy and Carter Country sere spin-offs from which western which starred Michael Landon?
A: The Little House On The Prairie.