Easy TV and TV Soap Opera Trivia Questions With Answers About TV Shows and Soap Operas From the 1990s

Free Fun Printable Trivia Questions And Answers For All Ages including Seniors and Kids


Easy free printable TV show and soap opera trivia quiz questions and answers from the 1990s.

Easy TV  and TV Soap Opera Trivia

The Colbys was a spin-off from which soap?
A: Dynasty.

Which Ewing brother was a central character of Knots Landing?

A: Gary.

In which early soap did Ryan O’Neal shoot to stardom?
A: Peyton Place.

On which night of the week was Falcon Crest broadcast through most of the 80s?
A: Friday.

David Hasselhoff appeared in The Young and the Restless before starring in which coastal series?
A: Baywatch.

In which state was Dynasty set?
A: Colorado.

In which soap was Blake married to “Alexis then Krystle?
A: Dynasty.

What was the name of the ranch in Dallas?
A: Southfork.

Which Linda played Audra in The Big Valley before starring in Dynasty?
A: Evans.

Knots Landing was a spin-off from which oil-bassed soap?
A: Dallas.

Who was Jason’s wife in The Colbys?
A: Sable.

As opposed to oil, Falcon Crest was about which commodity California is famous for?
A: Wine.

In Dallas, what did JR’s initials stand for?
A: John Ross.

Dynasty’s Joan Collins has a novelist sister called what?
A: Jackie Collins.

In which soap did Ted Danson appear before finding superstardom in Cheers?
A: Somerset.

Which Broadway star Mary was the mother of Larry Hagman?
A: Martin.

Which future movie star played Allison McKenzie in Peyton Place?
A: Mia Farrow.

What was Blake’s last name in Dynasty?
A: Carrington.

Which married Dallas character was always called Miss?
A: Miss Ellie.

Actress Jane Wyman was once married to which President?
A: Ronald Reagan.

Which character did Patrick Duffy play in Dallas?
A: Bobby.

In which state was Savannah set?
A: Georgia.

In which city in Georgia was CNN founded?
A: Atlanta.

What was the name of the spin-off series from The Mary Tyler Moore Show which starred Valerie Harper?
A: Rhoda.

At what time of day was The Gong Show always broadcast?
A: Noon.

How was Pamela Anderson billed in her early series of Baywatch?
A: Pamela Denise Anderson.

Which sitcom was a spin-off from a Happy Days episode called My Favorite Orkan?
A: Mork & Mindy.

Which Johnny sang the theme song from Family Ties with Deniece Williams?
A: Mathis.

Which Johnny was sheriff of Velardi Arizona?
A: Ringo.

Which cop show with Tom Selleck had a pilot show called Don’t Eat The Snow in Hawaii?
A: Magnum PI.

Which tough guy Mike had a secretary called Velda?
A: Hammer.

Which larger-than-life actor William narrated Rocky and Bullwlinkle?
A: Conrad.

Xena was described as what sort of Princess in the series title?
A: Warrior.

Which Bear was Hanna & Barbera’s first full-length feature?
A: Yogi.

Who did Frasier marry?
A: Lilith Sternin.

In the Dukes of Hazzard,l who or what was General Lee?
A: Car.

In which decade was Happy Days set?
A: 1950s.

Which series was described by its creator as “just another horse opera except they ride in a spaceship not on a nag.”?
A: Star Trek.

What was the Beverly Hills zip code of the Walshes in the 1990s series?
A: 90210.

Which screen legend’s daughter-in-law replaced Farrah Fawcett Majors in Charlie’s Angels?
A: Alan Ladd’s daughter-in-law Cheryl.

What was Huckleberry Hound’s favorite song?
A: Clementine.

Father Murphy and Carter Country sere spin-offs from which western which starred Michael Landon?
A: The Little House On The Prairie.