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Easy TV  trivia quiz questions and answers.

Fun and Easy TV trivia quiz questions with the answers.

Which George played Doug Ross in ER?
A: Clooney.

In which decade did Late Night With Letterman begin?
A: 1980s.

Which ex-Bond Girl Jane played Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman?
A: Seymour.

Which 1989 series about real life rescue dramas was narrated by William Shatner?
A: Rescue 911.

Henry Winkler’s Arthur Fonzarelli was better known as what?
A: The Fonz.

In Benson, which character had the last name DuBois?
A: Benson.

The Larry Sanders Show as a spoof of what type of show?
A: Talk show.

In Buffy The Vampire Slayer, what was Buffy’s last name?
A: Summers.

Who had friends called Paige, Coffee Joe, Adam and Audrey?
A: Ellen.

Which cult sci-fi series was originally to have been called Wagon Train to the Stars?
A: Star Trek.

Which toy company sold He Man?
A: Mattel.

On which channel was Ren & Stimpy launched?
A: Nickelodeon.

In which country was Due South set?
A: Canada.

Which show was set in a Boston Bar “Where everybody knows your name”?
A: Cheers.

On whose TV show did The Osmonds find fame?
A: Andy Williams.

Which animated series was originally to have been called The Flagtones?
A: The Flintstones.

Which star of Sister Act played Brenda in Bagdad Café?
A: Whoppi Goldberg.

Which MTV duo started out as Bobby and Billy?
A: Beavis & Butt-head.

In Beverly Hills 90210, what relation was the actress who played Donna Martin to the series producer Aaron Spelling?
A: Daughter Tori.

Which sitcom starred the TV daughter of Samantha of Bewitched fame?
A: Tabitha.

Which film director’s Amblin Company made Earth 2?
A: Steven Spielberg.

Who did Harry make his home with in the 90s series?
A: The Hendersons.

Which show featured Noo Noo the vacuum cleaner?
A: Teletubbies.

On which part of the Pacific coast did Pacific Blue take place?
A: Santa Monica.

What does E stand for in the medical drama ER?
A: Emergency.

Which cop series featured Crockett & Tubbs?
A: Miami Vice.

Which basketball team appeared on Gilligan’s Island in 1981?
A: The Harlem Globetrotters.

What was the surname of cartoon characters Homer, Marge and Bart?
A: Simpson.

In which decade did All In the Family premiere?
A: 1970s.

Which actress played the title role in Murphy Brown?
A: Candice Bergen.

In which family did Morticia have an uncle Fester?
A: The Addams Family.

In which city was Car 54 Where Are You? Set?
A: New York.

David Cassidy played Keith in which family?
A: The Partridge Family.

Which Tony played Philip Roth in Vegas?
A: Curtis.

In which city did the Jetsons live?
A: Orbit City.

Tour Of Duty was a drama series about which conflict?
A: Vietnam.

In which state was Northern Exposure set?
A: Alaska.

In which series did Dr. Frasier Crane first appear?
A: Cheers.

80s drama St. Elsewhere was set in what type of institution?
A: Hospital.

South Park is situated in which US state famous for its ski resorts?
A: Colorado.

In Diff’rent Strokes, where did the millionaire hail from?
A: Manhattan.

Riptide was about veterans from which war?
A: Vietnam.

What type of aircraft was featured in Airwolf?
A: Helicopter.